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Munka a Club 49 topless fodrászatban37 kép · 37251 megtekintés
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Club 49 topless fodrászat Budapest6 kép · 16644 megtekintés
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Erotikus fodrászszalon USA24 kép · 7435 megtekintés
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Topless fodrászat Varsó9 kép · 6365 megtekintés
Topless fodrászat vezetője a TV2-ben16 kép · 7286 megtekintés
Denveri (Aurora) erotikus fodrász lányok26 kép · 7632 megtekintés
Denveri (Arvada) erotikus fodrászlányok63 kép · 6204 megtekintés
Aktschnitt berlini erotikus fodrászat14 kép · 6173 megtekintés
Szexi fodrászlány - Melanie20 kép · 6169 megtekintés
Szexi fodrászlány - Serinette20 kép · 5413 megtekintés
Vegyes képek szexi fodrászlányokról20 kép · 6506 megtekintés
The Barber Babes - Portland25 kép · 5407 megtekintés
Szexi fodrászlány - Alexa136 kép · 8041 megtekintés
QT'z fodrászat amerika40 kép · 4528 megtekintés


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ErickAffog mondja January 2017

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Jane mondja September 2013

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Maulen mondja August 2013

Re: Now, as to the argument that porn crteaes (or exacerbates) within the minds of real women a problem with body image and the feeling that they can't compete, I will never NOT believe that to be true.I essentially agree about women getting this impression, but that's not the same as saying that in men's minds live women can't compete. (Guys can weigh in on this...)OTOH, I think it's likely that there really are men who are stupid and inconsiderate (potentially emotionally abusive) enough to tell their mates directly that they can't compete with porn (or that they can't compete with models, starlets, his sainted previous girlfriend, etc.).As a crazy feminist purist, though, I just want to say: don't base your whole self-worth on what some idiot thinks of you!!! I know it's not that simple, but I'm serious. Feminism should ideally be about convincing women that they have bigger dreams than snagging a man; that if you have a man, your opinion of him is at least as important as his opinion of you; if he treats you like crap, then grow a feminist spine and DTMFA.

Raul mondja August 2013

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Fernanda mondja August 2013

The serious preblom with this demonstration is that most people, like Janice up there, don't understand the fact that THEIR ATTITUDE is exactly WHY this kind of exhibition is needed. The fact that people still, in the Modern day and age feel that simply exposing a woman's body is something that should be defined as a disgrace is absolutely the reason that there are so many women out there who feel (like Janice probably does) that HER body is not natural, or worse is only something that men should lust after and feel sexually aroused by. This protest was, unfortunately, also a shining example of why women can't, at this time, be encouraged to go topless in public without a reason . Because of the attitudes of people like Janice, AND the general MIS-understanding of the people who showed up for the Rally, both to support and observe, it was more of a SHOW than anything else. The breasts were still looked upon and photographed as something different and exciting by all involved, instead of something NORMAL that should be NO BIG DEAL, which should have been the point of the rally. Demonstrations like this are a start, but day-to-day activities done as though they're NORMAL should be the goal.


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