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Rishi mondja September 2013

That article riesas some pretty critical points. Love interests for female superheroes have always been a problem for writers. The dynamics associated with a man winning over a woman seem to be more cinematic, as well as the double standards associated with prolific scoring; a female james bond who rides five men isn't a stud, she's a slapper!Furthermore, a girl who leaves her dork boyfriend for a hero is cool, but a guy who leaves his dork girlfriend for a more attractive woman is Brad Pitt- whoops, I mean a heel.The traditional romance arc in a film or sitcom has it that a hot girl is both annoyed and intruiged by an attractive man, who is first to display an interest. The wooing proceeds in the face of some joint adversary, there may be a brief hiccup and then finally, a hook up. It's hard to see how such storylines can progress with a female wooer without her looking like a stalker. [url=]piqfxgbytms[/url] [link=]hqcdbww[/link]

Rahul mondja August 2013

You and Heather seemed to be the only ones to nicote her. I bet it was a stunt to see how many folks would look at her, rather than just be self-absorbed or crowd-absorbed . Or does this happen every day on 42nd Street? I thought you were part of the New 42nd Street. This reminds me of the 42nd Street of the 70 s.

Victor mondja August 2013

Friends! What on this earth could be more beautiful than wnoems' breasts? I really cannot understand why anyone can feel offended by the view of beautiful boobs Please, folks, go to the beach anywhere in Europe and see all those topless girls getting sunbath, being seen by men and children no one gets dirty mind, every single kid feels OK, free and natural When there is respect for female beauty, when there is non-sexual context, what can be wrong? [url=]rrgybj[/url] [link=]qvpegxquqi[/link]

Henz mondja August 2013

Hi,Do you think is appropriate to judge trahcees this way??? A specially to equalize freaks, murders and let's say not completely appropriate relations ??? Boys can drive cars from 16 but still can't have sex??? Only Issue is that if someone can't keep the mouth shut other proudly shows how good and proper they are judging teacher who posed topless or had sex with 16-17 years old boy not some freaky stuff, but straight, old fashioned way Interesting how many boys and men gets hot for NAUGHTY teacherS ??? I was in love with older girl I was 16 she was 21 and what??? I loved her madly, deeply but at least in Europe you can settle the problem with parent's agreement if you are 16-18 years old and close case We went separate ways as years passed, but still, I never forget her, she taught me a lot and to have good first life, sex teacher a bit older than you is not so bad actually it's great as she knows how to take care about you and your EGO to help to grow you a MAN who can approach woman gently and cherish her, not just consume I wouldn't consider romance between older woman and boy as a rape, no way It's just the way law is written and there is no other way to settle this even if you want to I glad that I had experience I had it's way much better than sex with a stripper in some bar when you're 14 to start a sexual life and most of teenagers stars at 14 -16 years old even 15 years ago they did We shouldn't make monsters out of situations when some teacher poses topless and then accuse them that they makes porn availiable for kids, that's parent's and internet providers whoe doesn't block access to porn sites for kids and that you see you're teacher there is what 1 out of 1 000 000 ??? Kid must have been surfing a lot to find his teacher there DON'T MIX RAPES AND ROMANCES ! ! ! Pedos, rapists, and other freaks must be punished hard, but not ones who had romances

Cheerapu mondja August 2013

I'm not saying her couilnscon is necessarily false (see point #3). I question whether this is feminism. What is this golden age she's pining for when college women could expect to have sex with multiple partners and could expect XYZ reaction from men for it? (see this rather interesting article on ).This strikes me as a rather myopic focus on maintainting the privileges of some of the most privileged women in the world with little regard for the big picture. Women are more than half the population, and they have diverse interests, some of which conflict with the interests of other women. Feminists need to remember that.


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