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A Little of The Top férfiszalon rövid bemutató videója, amiben láthatjuk miként is készülnek az új frizurák szexibbnél szexibb de lefőképp alulöltözött lányok segítségével

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Arsiz mondja September 2013

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Emon mondja August 2013

Such truths! It's all about your folwloers and the influence you have with them be that 10 or 10,000. I was also at Barrett's session. While he did not tell me my purpose, after answering the questions he outlined, my passion and purpose became screaming off the page obvious. I loved that session!Thanks for sharing!Rebecca Rejoices recently posted..

Sam mondja August 2013

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Ramazi mondja August 2013

Amber, thanks so much for shainrg this. I'm new to blogging and am starting to notice how certain bloggers' digital webs are cast wide, fingers in everything. I am so scared off by the whole conference concept, thinking it's not for me, thinking I'd become too obsessed with trying to fit some mold, how it might affect what I have in my heart to write. I'm going to go put a note in my Bible so it can fall out as a reminder at the perfect time.

Arya mondja August 2013

This morning we were siinngg the old song How Deep the Father's Love for Us and it always gets me when we sing the verse I will not boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom. But I will boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. Our blogging community is only as good as our focus. We're fulfilled not when we're lifting ourselves up but when we're side by side pondering the same issues in light of our shared Savior. So glad to get some extended time with you at dinner one evening during the conference. I love all that you shared about how the blogging world cheered you when you needed it most.


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